Terms of Service

We can’t accept liability for any changes that are outside of our control. For example, airlines occasionally have schedule changes, and we’ll do our best to help you with finding alternative routings. Similarly, with the complexity of airline alliances nowadays, they occasionally make internal errors that are outside of our control. If this happens, we’ll do everything in our power to get back your original routing, but again, we can’t accept liability for any issues associated with this. We do charge a supplemental fee for consulting on airline-initiated itinerary changes.

For avoidance of doubt, our consulting fee covers our expertise and knowledge in crafting an itinerary for you and advising as to the best value for your miles and points. We are happy to advise as to the best options for using miles from multiple accounts, and can make recommendations on purchasing miles directly from airline partners. We do not sell miles ourselves, nor do we recommend working with third-parties that broker miles or otherwise violate the terms of the respective frequent flyer programs.

Our standard consulting service covers our time and expertise on a per-booking basis.

  • Our basic pricing includes up to two “sets” of tickets (multiple passengers can travel on a single reservation number). If you need to mix and match miles, add a destination with a program that doesn’t allow stopovers, or have a more complex itinerary that requires multiple tickets we can help for a nominal charge
  • If you choose to cancel your trip and get a mileage refund, we’ll gladly advise you on the most economical way to redeposit the miles, but we won’t refund our fee because your plans change
  • Similarly, if you choose to change your trip entirely (e.g., your original trip was to Asia, but you now want to go to Australia, or you change the dates of your trip by a month), we’ll be happy to help you build a new itinerary, though it will be billed as a new trip

We believe building a dream itinerary should be collaborative, and we’ll happily discuss options and routings to find the trip that is perfect for you.  A research fee of 50% will apply as a deposit on all itineraries. If, after submitting your request, you make changes to the dates, destinations, passengers, or other parameters, we reserve the right to require a non-refundable research fee before we present the new itinerary.  We are happy to assist with transferring points or finalizing bookings as a courtesy, but if you decide to book elsewhere or choose not to take a trip after receiving an itinerary meeting your original specifications, our consulting fee will still be invoiced.

Supplemental research and rush processing fees are billed in advance when required, and are in addition to our consulting charges.

All fees are due within 15 days of invoice, or prior to the commencement of travel, whichever comes first. Late invoices will incur a 5% monthly penalty, and unpaid invoices may result in trip cancellation.

Lastly, we will not be liable for any costs beyond the fees paid.