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NOTICE: As of September 1, 2021, we will only be able to book travel for passengers who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This unfortunately includes children under the age of 12 who are not yet eligible for vaccination.

This is a practical decision for our team. In the current environment, non-vaccinated travelers face additional restrictions, which will practically necessitate changes to flights and itineraries as countries modify entry requirements, airlines revise policies, or pre-departure tests are positive.

We simply do not have the bandwidth to assist with these now-inevitable travel disruptions while providing an even basic level of service to the rest of our clientele. If you (or your children) are unable to be vaccinated, we recommend focusing on domestic vacations, but we will still not be able to assist with your travel at this time. Our friends at JuicyMiles have a larger staff, and may be able to help in the meantime.

Given the constantly evolving situation, we do expect to revisit this policy periodically, but for now it is non-negotiable. Thank you for your understanding.

Why PointsPros

Have miles you can’t redeem? Finding the best value for your miles is our speciality, and we’d love to help!

Our premier award booking service has been helping people maximize their miles and points to make their dream vacation a reality for nearly a decade.

We offer a range of consulting services designed to help you get the most out of your existing points. Please note that these are paid services, and our fees are in addition to the taxes and fees levied by the airlines.

Nothing makes us happier than being able to save our clients time, miles, frustration, and potentially thousands of dollars.

Let us show you how far your miles and points can take you!

Whether you’ve tried to book an award and the airlines have told you there is no availability for your desired trip, or you just want to make the redemption process easier, let us put our expertise to work for you.

You worked hard to earn those miles, so you shouldn’t have to work hard to redeem them!

Who We Are

First of all, we are not travel agents. Instead, we’re experienced travelers and miles collectors who use our knowledge to help create your dream trip. As a result, all of our advice is intended with your best interest in mind; we’re not getting any kickbacks.

Our team of award consultants is comprised of savvy, passionate travelers. Between us, we’ve experienced over 100 airlines, so we have direct knowledge of most products and airports. We can help you choose the best options for your trip!

  • I want to thank you all for the help in putting this trip together. Honestly, we had a great experience and if we’re ever fortunate enough to go on such a trip again will likely use your service in the future. Jordan, you were such a great help – I do not know how to emphasize it enough! We had a wonderful experience and are very excited for the trip!

    San Francisco
  • You were the only person to find an itinerary for me that met my criteria. I will happily tell people you are the best at this.

    Los Angeles
  • This all looks really good, I’m so impressed! Being in the industry of providing specialized services myself, this truly is top notch, amazing!

    San Francisco
  • How fortunate I was to have a friend refer me to Ben and his services. He was able to turn my airmiles into a trip I could only have dreamed about and could never afford nor could ever have booked myself. Flying First Class for the first time and experiencing the fabulous treatment only Lufthansa can provide was amazing. Ben was prompt, efficient and always helpful during the booking process. He even took the time to send me additional information about my flights and what treatment I could anticipate. In the few hours it took to finalize my plans he was able to make me feel totally comfortable with the fact that he had my credit card information and complete access to my airmiles. It was reassuring to be dealing with a real person through all this instead of a website. I have recommended him to friends and will continue to do so, as well as seek his support for creating my own future trips.

    San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and Toronto, Canada
  • Just wanted to let you know that our experience with you was terrific. We will never try to arrange our own flight itineraries again! Before I knew of your service I literally spent 3 hours on the phone with someone trying to arrange flights using our flyer miles. Nightmare and exhausting! I loved the fact that we could arrange everything through email. That way I could respond as I had the chance. Thank you for putting up with our changes that we requested even after you had booked the flights. You truly made the experience fun and painless.

    Michael & Holly
    Thurmont, MD
  • Having been met with nothing but frustration in trying to book our tickets using miles, we were introduced to Ben and his services. Within hours of sending off the initial email, Ben was right on it and sent back an awesome itinerary which included Lufthansa, Thai and United First Class from Toronto to Bangkok and a side trip to China!! Ben worked with us to tweak the itinerary so that it was exactly what we wanted. He was patient and informative the whole way through. It couldn’t have been easier, especially with him booking the actual tickets with the airlines. We fully intend to use his services again and have been raving about it to our friends and family! I would highly recommend Ben and his services!

    The Bahamas
  • My wife and I just got back from an incredible trip that Jimmy helped organize. I just wanted relay what a great job he did. He was super responsive, professional, and helpful. Just a pleasure to work with. I’ve been singing the praises of Points Pros, and Jimmy specifically, with all my friends and colleagues. I’m pretty sure some of them are going to look into your/his services.

    Tom & Kelly
    New York
  • We used PointsPros to book a first class, Star Alliance award trip from the West Coast to India, with stop overs in Europe. With the dates and cities we gave Ben, he immediately came back with several great options for us to choose from and provided a lot of insight into carrier and routing possibilities. From start to finish he took care of everything from finding the availability, booking the award and even picking the best seats. We ended up with an outstanding itinerary that we would have never found on our own. We would recommend Ben’s service to anyone looking to book award travel and will definitely be using it in the future.

    John & Nadia
    San Francisco
  • PointsPros found business class tickets for my husband and me, using my frequent flyer points, from Los Angeles to Edinburgh on fairly short notice to see our new grandson. I never would have thought of the route he chose, but it’s actually quite convenient. I’m very grateful for the help!

    Los Angeles
  • Thank you for making our trip so stress free! We loved working with you!
    On the way home we ran into some weather which messed up our connections. Tiffany answered my email and rebooked us on an even better flight from LA to Atlanta at no additional cost. She even stayed in touch to make sure I had the flights confirmed. And Tiffany was gracious about it, even though it happened on a holiday weekend. That type of service is rare. It makes you feel very special.
    If you are sitting on points and want to maximize their value for business or for a special vacation as we did, do not hesitate to hire PointsPros! The service is worth every dime even for experienced travelers. We will definitely be using them again!

    Gracey & Ken

What's Included?

We offer the most comprehensive service of any award booking service, and our competitive pricing structure covers virtually everything, including:

Expert Advice

A round-the-clock and round-the-globe team of passionate, knowledgeable travelers

Easy Ticketing

Assistance with transferring points and booking awards as necessary

Reserved Seats

Confirmed seat assignments at time of booking -- even on partner carriers

Simple, Set Pricing

Simple, set pricing for nearly all itineraries, including those with open-jaws and stopovers

You’ll stay informed at all times throughout the process. We provide you with full details on your dream trip — down to airlines and flight numbers so you can make an informed decision.

The best part? We only ask for a 50% deposit to start crafting your dream itinerary!

All prices are per person

$300 Members: $200

Award Consultation

After we analyze the best approach to take for booking your award, we find the award availability, assist you with transferring points as necessary, and even help you make the actual award booking.

$100Members: $75


If you need to change the dates or routing of a mileage ticket we booked, we can provide alternative options based on award availability.
Need to cancel outright? We’ll help navigate the process with the airline to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

$75Members: INCLUDED!

Route Monitoring

We’ll find the best tickets available, but sometimes you might prefer a more streamlined routing, or perhaps an upgrade. We can monitor award space and let you know if something better opens up!

PointsPros Plus

Our Members Get Even More!

In addition to saving at least 30% on all PointsPros award consultations, our members receive exclusive benefits.

While we’re always up for the challenge of trying to find ways to use existing miles for a special trip, one specific redemption is only a small part of an overall miles and points strategy.

As a PointsPros member, you’ll receive an in-depth travel consultation each year — think of it as a wellness checkup for your miles and points! Once we’ve discussed your travel goals we’ll setup a customized strategy to ensure you’re accumulating the best points for your situation, are leveraging the right promotions, and are well-positioned to get the award seats you want.

As a Plus Member, you’ll also receive timely newsletters and notifications of deals tailored to your travel interests. And if you need extra help between annual check-ups, or outside of booking a trip, our members can book general consulting sessions.

What’s more, you’ll receive member benefits even if you’re not traveling! If you choose to use your miles for friends or loved ones, they’ll receive the same priority handling and pricing.

Annual Travel Plan

We’ll discuss your travel goals, then analyze your current mileage balances, spending patterns, and other plans in order to create a custom roadmap for you. This helps ensure you have the right points at the right time, saving you time and money every trip. $300 value

Priority Handling

Member requests go to the top of our queue! $100 value per trip

Route Monitoring

Should your ideal seats not be available, we’ll monitor for upgrades and more direct routings for no charge — even if your trip is 11 months away! $75 value per person, per trip


Plus save 33% on every trip request!

per month
(+ one-time processing fee)

per year
(save compared to monthly plan, plus we’ll waive the processing fee)

PointsPros Professional

Many of our clients are small business owners, and we’re happy to help manage basic points accumulation through our standard membership package.

We also offer custom solutions for small to medium sized businesses looking to reduce the overall cost of their employee travel.

If you often book last-minute or refundable tickets for multiple employees, find out how leveraging miles can help save your company thousands of dollars!

PointsPros Professional

Many of our clients are small business owners, and we’re happy to help manage basic points accumulation through our standard membership package.

We also offer custom solutions for small to medium sized businesses looking to reduce the overall cost of their employee travel.

If you often book last-minute or refundable tickets for multiple employees, find out how leveraging miles can help save your company thousands of dollars!

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