How does your process work?

We use a combination of public and private sources to find award space that airline websites won’t show you automatically. After discussing your preferences, we’ll put together an itinerary that makes the best use of your miles and points. If you’d like to contact the airline on your own to book we’ll give you all the flight details, or if you’d like a little more help transferring points and making the booking we’re more than happy to help.

Once everything is confirmed we’ll check to make sure the flights are properly ticketed, confirm seat assignments on all carriers, and send you a PDF with all the details of your itinerary.

Why do I need to pay a deposit?

Our process is incredibly time-consuming, as each trip is personally crafted based on your preferences and award availability. We’re serious about finding the best options, and ask for a deposit to ensure these are trips that will actually be booked.

What if you can’t find anything?

If you have flexibility in your plans or are open to creative solutions we can almost always find something using your miles. If award availability just isn’t there, we can often propose paid options that are a significantly better value than you might find otherwise.

And if there aren’t any options available that suit your situation, there’s no charge at all.

If I don’t like the flight options, can I change my destination?

Sure, but keep in mind that the long-haul flights are the key piece of award availability. Changing your destination from Paris to Munich likely won’t have much of an impact on your potential options.

If you ask us to search multiple city pairs, or change regions entirely. we reserve the right to charge for each request separately.

Is the PointsPros Plus membership option worth it?

We think so! It’s not for everyone though. If you are extremely savvy when it comes to earning miles, or don’t aspire to more than one international trip every two years, the pay-as-you-go option is a good alternative.

My vacation hasn't been approved from work yet. Should I start my request now?

We’re happy to answer general questions, and PointsPros Plus members can arrange for extra consulting time to discuss possibilities. Otherwise, we recommend you have your plans more or less set (at least within a day or two). Once we start researching your trip and proposing itineraries, our fees will be due even if you end up not taking the trip.

My partner is traveling and he/she has the account passwords. Should I start my request now?

Award space is incredibly fluid, and can change in minutes. If you’re not ready to book (including being able to access accounts and transfer points immediately, having Secure Flight Info for all passengers, etc.), we’d suggest waiting until you have everything together. Once we start researching your trip and proposing itineraries, our fees will be due even if you end up not taking the trip.

My travel/cruise agent says I have to lock in a package today, but I can’t select my dates on your calendar. Why, and what do I do?

Cruise and travel agents can often book ground packages up to two years in advance. Airlines, however, open their calendars 10-12 months before departure. On average, you should not expect to be able to book your award flights until 335 days before your return flight.

That being said, as long as you have some wiggle room in your schedule we should be able to match flights with your other arrangements. Just be prepared to arrive a day earlier, have a stopover along the way, or leverage other creative options if your first pick of dates aren’t available.